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Auckland Archery Club is in the centre of Cornwall Park Domain in One Tree Hill (Maungakiekie). We are mainly a target archery club which means we shoot at targets in a field at certain distances, however we are also involved in clout archery (a target on the ground about 145m away), Indoor (archery indoors at 18m), and Field archery (targets in a forest at multiple ranges). We have a 14 target range and a clubhouse that contains an indoor range of 18 metres.  Our clubhouse also contains facilities for bow maintenance and repairs.

The club is run by volunteers and we promote recreational and competitive archery. We have structured coaching sessions throughout the year, an achievement program where members of the club can “level-up”, and we host a number of tournaments throughout the year (see Tournaments).

Auckland Archery Club is open Saturdays and Sundays during the winter, and in Summer we often have a club night on Tuesday evenings from 5.30pm.

  • Saturday mornings are for Juniors and Beginners. If you wish to start archery you can sign up for one of our Beginner courses on our Starting Archery page.
  • Saturday afternoons are for any club member (junior, senior, novice) to come along and shoot.
  • Sundays are our official club day and any member (junior, senior, novice) can come along and shoot.
  • Tuesday evenings during Summer are from 5.30pm until 7.30 or 8pm (depending on hours the park is open) and any member (junior, senior, novice) can come along and shoot.

We also hold two “Have a Go” sessions every year for members of the public to come and try archery – keep an eye on our News section for updates on when these are!

New members are always welcome – please come and see us on Saturday mornings or Contact Us.

We’re also on Facebook! Check us out:

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