Auckland Archery Club Achievement Programme
The aim of this programme is to provide new archers with a pathway for regular shooting and improvement; however more experienced Club members are also encouraged to undertake the programme. This provides new archers with a good opportunity to get to meet other Club members, and some goals to work towards. We strongly recommend that new archers get involved in this programme after completing the Club coaching course and also encourage shooting in the Club shoots on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

The Club Achievement Program comes with a Pin + Ribbons system.
An archer starts at the first level, and requires three pin scores to progress to the next level.
At the completion of the first level, the archer is given a white ribbon and can attach it to their quiver with an AAC pin.
The second level earns a black ribbon, the third blue, the fourth red, and finally the fifth level earns a gold ribbon.
In addition to the ribbons, a board for the achievement programme is displayed in the Club showing the progress of all archers.

Good luck!

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