Auckland at Nationals

Auckland Archery Club had the pleasure of hosting the National Outdoor Championships this year with the help of our neighbouring Auckland District Clubs: Massey Archery Club, Shore Archery Club and Mountain Green Archery Club. Many archers and non archers worked very hard to get the event running smoothly and there were hundreds of people who put themselves forward as volunteers to make all of the events possible. On behalf of the organising committee I would like to thank each and every one of them for their hours and hours of time and effort to make the event go as planned.

Auckland also had a great year, winning the Archery New Zealand League in Division 1 in 2014, the prestigious Ryan Shield and the Fraser Shield. We were extremely ecstatic to find out those results!

Auckland Club put forward a very large team this year with some really great results. Even those who may not have placed in the events still came away smiling with Personal Best scores (despite the heavy winds) which was amazing. Here are our archers and their results:

Senior Men Recurve
Philippe Dussart
Mark Fowles (Silver in Clout)
Richard Holtz
Warren Kertell (Bronze in Field, Silver in Open Teams Matchplay with Yiftach Swery and Dawid Bester)
Sarosh Saklatwala
Yiftach Swery (Gold in Clout, Silver in Open Teams Matchplay with Dawid Bester and Warren Kertell)

Senior Men Longbow
Philippe Dussart (Gold in Clout, Gold in Field)

Senior Women Recurve
Sarah Fuller (Gold in Clout, Gold in Field (possible NZ record in Field), Gold in Target, Gold in Open Womens Recurve Matchplay, Gold in Open Teams Matchplay with Stephen Florence and Mykel Turner, Overall Champion of Champions)
Krista Holtz
Treasa Pool (Bronze in Field)
Vera Yakzhik (personal best in 1440 round)

Masters Men Recurve
Nairn Henderson (Gold in Clout)
Chris Smart

Masters Women Recurve
Beryl Hall (Silver in Clout)

Junior Women Recurve
Minji Kim (Gold in Clout, Gold in Field, Silver in Target, overall Champion of Champions)

Junior Men Recurve
Frasier Cho (Bronze in Field)
Jack Forsythe (Silver in Clout, Silver in Field, Bronze in Target)
Kevin He (Silver in Target)

Cadet Women Recurve
Emily Cavell (Bronze in Target)
Bilqis Hague (Bronze in Field)
Georgia Lewis

Cadet Women Barebow
Emily Cavell (Gold in Field)

Cadet Men Recurve
Luke Franklyn (Silver in Clout, Bronze in Field)
Matthew Storer (Silver in Target, Bronze in Cadet Mens Recurve Open Matchplay)
Max Wilson (Gold in Clout, Bronze in Field)

Intermediate Recurve Men
Walter Barraclough (Silver in Field, Gold in Open Recurve JAMA Team)

Senior Men Compound
Steve Clifton (Silver in Field, Silver in Target, Silver in Open Compound Matchplay)
Brent Franklyn
Eamonn Gaffney (Gold in Clout and a new NZ Record)
Andrew Russell (Bronze in Clout, Bronze in Field, Overall Champion of Champions)

Senior Women Compound
Caro Geelen

Senior Women Barebow
Caro Geelen (Silver in Field)

Cadet Women Compound
Aurora Agustin (Gold in Clout, Silver in Field, Bronze in Target, Overall Champion of Champions)

Intermediate Men Compound
Jonty Knocker (Gold in Field, Silver in Target, Silver in Open Compound JAMA individual matchplay, Silver in Open Compound JAMA Team)
Talal El-Jack (Silver in Target, Gold in Compound Open JAMA team)

Cub Men Compound
Kris Coutts (Silver in Target, Bronze in Open Compound JAMA Team)
Harrison Franklyn (Gold in Clout, Gold in Field, Gold in Target, Silver in Open Compound JAMA Team, overall Champion of Champions)

We’re very proud of all our athletes and the way they competed and it was a pleasure to see you all on the ranges enjoying yourselves! We can’t wait to find out what the next year has in store for you.

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