Club Championships 2017

Hi everyone!

Our annual club championships has a new format this year, and we’d love for you to be a part of it!

There are three events:

Participation in ALL events not only wins you prizes but puts you in contention for the “Overall Champion” trophies!

This event is for everyone: juniors, seniors, experienced people, novices, beginners, people who want to try something new and exciting… It’s also open for members of other clubs so if you want your friends from other clubs to compete against you, now is your chance. It’s an open event but please be aware that prizes are only available for Auckland Club Members.

Each year we hold this as the premier event for our members, and we want you all to enter. If you’ve not done Target, Match-play, Field or Clout before, fear not. Our experienced members will be at each event and will help you learn more about archery and we promise you will have an awesome time!

There will be a social event at the end which will incorporate prize-giving so keep your eye on the website for further details.


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