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If you have shot before and don't need to do our Beginners Course, one of our coaches can do a short assessment to check your skills.


Just get in touch for an assessment


If you have completed a beginner’s course with a target archery club, are a member of another archery club, or shoot with a school archery squad, then get in touch!

We will require details of your training and need to run through a very simple archery assessment before we can approve your membership.

For experienced archers who have not shot in a while, or archers who require more training we will suggest a couple of private coaching sessions prior to membership. Your assessing coach can provide you with more information. Please note, you will require your own equipment for the assessment.

Please complete and submit the form below in order to set up a time for an assessment.


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    *Please note, Bows must be limited to 60 pounds and arrows must have target points; as we are a target club no screw-in or hunting points are allowed.

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