Youth Archery

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Youth Archers are all archers who are under 20 years of age on 31 December of each year.

After finishing your Beginning Archery course, you can come and shoot at the club on Saturdays and Sundays. On Saturday we have the Youth competition in the morning, and a short-range shoot in the afternoon. You can also do the Achievement Program on Saturday afternoons to “Level-up” your archery! We also shoot on Sundays in the afternoon from 1pm – if you’re keen for a challenge or more practice, come along and we will find a distance you’re comfortable with.

Youth Postal Competition – what is it and when do I come?
Youth Postal competition shoots are held on Saturday mornings. Those who are Intermediate, Cub and Kiwi (anyone U15) come to the club at 8am to shoot at 8.30am; and those who are Junior and Cadet (U20 and U17) come to the club at 10am to shoot at 10.30am. It’s a great starting place for new archers as the distances are short and it allows you to build up your practice and strength.

The Youth Postal competition is shot every Saturday, and your highest score for the month is sent in to Archery NZ, and you compete with other archers in your division around the country. Certificates are issued for the top three spots in your division. Every month you can get a pinscore if you shoot above a certain score. Collect three pinscores and you can claim a pin from Archery NZ! All the results and the pinscores are held on our noticeboard where it says Youth inside the clubhouse.

Just those times again:
8am for 8.30am start: U15 Intermediate, U13 Cub, U10 Kiwi
10am for 10.30am start: U20 Junior, U17 Cadet

We often have coaches on hand to help the beginner archers at these mornings.

For the Junior divisions, archers are differentiated by bow type (compound/recurve), gender and age. There are 5 age-groups:

  • Kiwi (under 10)
  • Cub (under 13)
  • Intermediate (under 15)
  • Cadet (under 17)
  • Junior (under 20)

Achievement Program – what is it?
Our Auckland Archery Club Achievement Program is a series of shoots that allows you to practice more and achieve high scores. It’s a really good way of levelling-up your archery. We have five basic levels and five gold levels (more information when you sign into the website and also inside the clubhouse on the noticeboard). There are specified shoots with a specific score you can achieve, called a pinscore. Shoot the pinscore three times, and submit your signed scoresheet, and you can claim a pin and a ribbon. We usually shoot this on Saturday afternoons.

Auckland Sharks
Our Juniors are all invited to be a part of our successful Junior Archery Squad: the Sharks. You can join at any time if you are keen to do competitions or just learn more about archery. We travel to national competitions, train and organise workshops on how to take care of your gear, and help you out with coaching.

If you want to join the squad, just come and see us, but we also send out entry forms each season so keep an eye on your emails.

Competitions are a great way to meet other archers from other clubs and the tournaments are always friendly and fun. The biggest junior competition each year is the Junior North Island Championships in March, where archers from all over the North Island meet and compete. There is also the South Island Championships, an interschool event at the end of term 1, and we always take a team to the National Indoor Championships each winter, which is a really great way to start competitions.

Auckland holds several competitions each year, including the famous Junior Team Tournament in May or June and the friendly club championships in June – if you want to enter, just keep your eye on upcoming events, our website or Facebook page and we’ll let you know where to get the entry forms. Our club tournament organiser always sends around an emailed entry form on the day entries open, so keep your eye on your emails and enter.

Every second year Archery New Zealand selects a junior team to compete against Australia. This competition is called the Trans-Tasman. This is a self funded event of which is located either in New Zealand or Australia on a rotating basis. The next event is in 2014, to be held in Australia. The full entry criteria is held on the Archery NZ website.

This is a chance for our junior archers to compete against the Australian juniors, a great opportunity and heaps of fun! Our club has a strong history of representation in this team.

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