Junior Team Tournament Results 2017

The 13th Junior Team Tournament was held on May 28 at Auckland Archery Club. We had 11 teams entered and a majority of U14 Recurve archers, which was different from the previous year! We had a wonderful team of volunteers to help run the event, and the weather gods were smiling on us.

This year the teams came in all kinds of dress, from the Katniss Everdeen District 12, to KISS, to the brightly-coloured team G.A.L.A. and the foxy The Hunted. KISS did take away best costume, with the nifty Hunted in second place and the slick Black Arrows with their cute masks in third. Team G.A.L.A. took away the banner prize, with a hand-sewn banner with crossed arrows on it.

The event had two parts: a target round in the morning (45, 35m for the U20 archers and 25, 18m for the U14 archers), and a 3D field round in the afternoon. Most kids were trying tournaments for the first time and really enjoyed the format, especially the field round, where they got to shoot a leopard, a bear, a turkey and even a dinosaur and a zombie! Much thanks to Massey Archery Club for lending us their 3D animals for the day. We even had a fun shoot at lunchtime were there was a mini-clout with the world’s smallest bow, and a “shoot the pinata”. The pinata managed to survive even the strongest of arrows! and it was only when our Field Captain Sarosh came along with the baseball bat that it broke open.

Team scores came about by a series of percentages based on the scores of each team member in each event. There were also prizes for the top scorer in each division.

Team Results:
First: District 12
Second: KISS
Third: “Something Russian”

Individual Results:
Top U14 Recurve: Lizzy Robins
Top U14 Compound: Akuhata Norman-Hewlett
Top U20 Recurve: Gaby Hewson
Top U20 Compound: Pavel Kalinin

Full Results available for Download here

Congratulations to all the teams that entered, and a huge thank you to all the parents and volunteers who showed up to help out. We really appreciate you coming and making the day such fun for the kids to shoot. Thanks to Thomas Li for the photographs!

Caro Geelen


Website editor, Editor of the NZ Archer magazine, and general archer craziness. Oh, and I coach a little too.

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