Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone in our club and the wider Auckland Community. Last Saturday we had our St. Nicholas shoot and it was a bit cloudy, a bit drizzly, but didn’t stop us from enjoying the festive spirit.

We had a great turnout! Bilqis won the prize for the best costume, as she came dressed as a Christmas present, complete with box and ribbon, and Stephen won the prize for the best-decorated bow (it had lights that twinkled and everything!)

The St. Nicholas shoot is a seasonal favourite. It is based on the old-style of shooting, so it is 48 arrows at 40 yards, and 36 arrows at 30 yards. Because we shoot in metres, that’s 37 and 28 metres respectively. The scoring zones are also colour-based in 5-zone scoring, so yellow is worth 9 points, red 7, blue 5, black 3 and white 1. Which does mean it is possible to get a perfect round (all in the yellow). This year the honours go to Philippe, who managed to clean up in the Men’s Recurve division with a perfect round, although with one squeaking line-call!

Thanks to everyone at our club for a great year, and hope to see you all next year for more archery.


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