One Tree Hill Cup 2014

Recurve line 2

Auckland Archery Club hosted the One Tree Hill Cup on Saturday and Sunday 6 and 7 December this year, and it was well attended by archers from Auckland, Rotorua, Massey, Mountain Green, Lakeview, River Glade, and even a few South Islanders from Rosebank and Timaru! There were a lot of new-time archers, as well as a few seasoned professionals, all out to get the prize money.

Saturday was sunny and only slightly breezy, leading to some great scores from the Recurve archers (Stephen Florence with a 659, Cheree Kinnear with a 594), and the afternoon was also pleasant and yielding great results (Marcus Barclay and Shaun Teasdale with a 692 apiece – Marcus coming out on top through X-count).

Sue Sundheim won the “mini-clout” event at lunchtime with an epic Over-the-back-of-the-head shot that landed her arrow closest to the flag, winning herself a tiny Cartel Compound.

In the afternoon the Iron Kiwi was shot. Sarosh Saklatwala won the recurve division at 30m, but the compound was hotly contested. Andrew Russell, a stalwart of the event, fell out at 50m, and Massey archer Travis Gamble and Timaru archer Bruce Shuker kept going and going until they got to 70m. Both were equal at this point, and both broke their arrows. Both looked at each other. Bruce went out to the car to get his other arrow, and Travis searched through his available ones for one he could sacrifice. They moved back to 90m, and while close to the centre, shattered their arrows and agreed on a tie. It was nail-biting stuff!

On Sunday the match-play took centre stage. It was non-elimination matchplay, which meant those who did not win their first match were able to jostle for position and keep shooting for a time, until the medal matches were decided in the afternoon.

In the Recurve, it was Cheree Kinnear vs Scott Collett for the bronze, and Cheree took it in straight sets, 6-0. Following this, Sarah Fuller faced Stephen Florence for the gold. She levelled partway through, giving Stephen a bit of a fright, but he finally defeated her 6-4.

In the Compound, Shaun Teasdale faced Danielle Brown in a rematch of last year’s gold, but this time for the bronze, and an early 6-point shot had him on shaky ground. Danielle took the lead, but it was too late for Shaun. While he fought back bravely, he lost the medal by two points, 134-136.

Marcus Barclay took on Steve Clifton for the gold medal, and this was a nail-biter of a match. They were tied the first three ends, and the spectators were chewing their knuckles, trying to figure out who would flinch first. Steve took it hard, conceding a single point to Marcus in the fourth end, but Marcus dropped a nervous point in the fifth, bringing it back to another tie. It was a shoot-off! With only 20 seconds to shoot one arrow, Marcus nailed a ten, and Steve shot a heart-breaking nine. The gold medal was Marcus’!

The organisers would like to thank everyone who came to the event, and also those who were on hand to help out throughout the weekend. We hope to see you all again next year!

OTHC Recurve Final Results
OTHC Compound final results
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