One Tree Hill Cup 2017 Results

Big thanks to Archery Warehouse for supporting this event. The weather was scintillating and the results were not quite what everyone expected, which kept everyone on their toes!

Please see here for the Saturday ranking results.

On Sunday we had the Compound and Recurve open match-play event, and the results for that are below. Thanks to the archers for supporting this great event, thanks to the judges for their judging, and the admin team for their running around!

Congratulations to our winners, and to Caro Geelen who won the Recurve “camera shoot” with an X on the very last end of the semi-final round.

Non-elimination Compound matchplay results full table

Non-elimination Compound matchplay results table

Non-elimination Recurve matchplay results Full table

Non-elimination Recurve matchplay results table


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