One Tree Hill Cup Results 2019

We all thought the incredible wind from the week before was going to put a terrible curse on our shooting for this tournament, but the weather cleared up in time! The wind was still stiff on Saturday but on Sunday for the match play it was just a gentle breeze.

Much thanks to our judges and Director of Shooting for helping out with this tournament, and for all the volunteers who pitched in to make it a success.

Full results for the Saturday ranking round can be found here:

Andrew Russell was the proud winner of the mini-clout at lunchtime on the Saturday. There were many crashes and splintered arrows for the Iron Kiwi, however our two winners were: Daniel Sinclair and Daryl Trim. Daniel had actually tied with Kelly Atkinson on the Saturday with no clear winner – but on Sunday he managed to beat her in a “throw-off” as they tried to get a petanque ball through the hole of the iron kiwi!

On the Sunday, the Compound archers shot first, and the Recurve started at 11.30. The non-elimination matchplay allowed everyone to have fun and practice their matchplay skills.

The final results are able to be downloaded here:

OTHC 2019 Recurve results

OTHC 2019 Compound results

OTHC 2019 Non-elimination Compound matchplay results

OTHC 2019 Non-elimination Recurve matchplay results


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