Our Archers

Sid Mitchener (or “Mitch” as he was known) was one of our most inspiring leaders. He held many positions at Club and District levels, was president of the NZ Archer Association, and helped start the NZ Bowhunters Society in 1957. He was a signwriter, and the beautifully-painted archery badges in our clubhouse were done by him. He was the first person in New Zealand to win a trophy for a 50m perfect score, and was awarded a Bronze Plaque for service to archery by the International Archery Association in 1962.

Jim Hinchco was a national target and field champion for many years until his death in 1978. He routinely scooped the pool at the Auckland District Championships, as well as the national championships. He was NZ’s first ever Archery representative in 1965, and shot in the 1973 World Championships in Grenoble. He was also a master bowyer, making all his bows and arrows in his archery shop.

Andrew Lindsay Jr represented NZ in the Atlanta Olympics in the USA in 1996, finishing in 33rd place.

Our Junior archers are also record holders at all levels. Compound archer Marissa Hockey set a world record in the under-16 Cadet Compound division in 2000 at the 60m distance, and Yiftach Swery, also compound, set a world record at 70m in 2008.

Stephen Clifton won the Bronze medal in the Junior World Championships in 2006, and also a bronze in the World Championships in 2009. He has represented New Zealand at many world cup events and world championship events, and was also part of the 2010 Commonwealth Games team. Stephen was the first person in NZ to break 1400 at a “FITA” event (the maximum score is 1440) and he did this at Auckland Archery Club in 2009, getting 1403.

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