Our Club Principles

Hi Everyone,

In light of recent events, I am taking this opportunity to remind all members that Auckland Archery Club is a safe, fair, inclusive and welcoming place for all members of our community.

The club does not discriminate against anyone’s ethnicity, gender, age or religious belief. 

We want to enable and celebrate a community of people of all ages & abilities who participate in archery. We do so by following our constitution, and other policies such as the Archery NZ Member Protection Policy which we have adopted. (Please click the buttons below to find a copy)If anyone would like to discuss a matter that is affecting them or others at the club, you are always welcome to contact the club committee or me directly.

Committee: All inwards correspondence go to

To reach me directly:
president@aucklandarchery.org.nz or 021 137 5702

If you wish to remain anonymous, please take a moment to fill out the survey below. We will keep it open for the next 21 days.

Your committee and I truly believe that archery is a sport for all, please look after each other, look after our Maunga, and look after our club. We are in it for the love of the sport.

Keep calm and shoot arrows,

Anonymous Survey Link

Auckland Club Constitution 

ANZ Member Protection Policy

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