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The Auckland Archery Club membership year is from 1 September to 31 August. Depending on when you join during the year, you pay pro rata fees in periods of one, two, three or six months until the 01 September rollover. If you renew after that, you then start paying the full year fees. The current full year fees for the club are as follows:

Note all fees include GST. We also offer a family discount for two or more members from the same family.

Seniors (17+) Juniors (under 17)
Club Membership Fee $160.00 $120.00
Associate Membership Fee $100.00 $75.00
Non-Shooting Membership Fee (supporter) $30.00 N/A
Casual fee (for members of other clubs) $10.00 per day $10.00 per day
Equipment hire (subject to availability) Bow: $10.00 per day; arrows: $10.00 per day Bow: $10.00 per day; arrows: $10.00 per day

If you have any questions, either ask at the club or email the Club Secretary.

Coaching at AAC come rain or shine



New members are always welcome, from beginners to experienced competitors. We offer a variety of membership options and also offer a family discount.

If you have never done archery before or do not belong to an archery club, then you are required to complete a basic archery course before joining as a shooting member. Details can be found on the Beginners course page.

If you have completed an archery course elsewhere, please see the Experienced Archers page for how to get assessed and join the club.

Youth archery at AAC



If you are an existing member, an invoice for the following year’s membership will be sent to you each September. Please contact us if you have any queries.

Tournament at AAC in 2019



Existing members can access content about tournaments, information on buying gear and club uniform, coaching and awards using the supplied credentials.

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